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Build Savers is a Consumer Protection Building Service

working with real estate agents right across Australia.

Why Real Estate Agents Are Using Build Savers!


1 – Sell your vendors block quicker: We match your listings to our national network of Buyers / Investors who are ready to build and purchase NOW!

2 –  On every block we offer a bonus FREE Architectural Building Design Drawing Service for all your buyer enquiries. The land buyer will own the (C) Copyright of their building plans and allows them and us to source several quality builders to compete for their business hence great build prices.

3– Some Real Estate Agents may refer their land purchaser to builders they know. These builders draw your clients plans and then they (the builder) own the (C) Copyright which blocks your clients from asking any other builder to supply a quote. No competition means your land purchaser pays a no competition top price. Design and Construct builders can be the most expensive way to build as no competition exists.

4 – (C) Copyright of the building plans are given to your land buyer by Build Savers. This way they can shop any number of quality custom builders they or we approach

5 – Buyers can save Up To 20% under any of their builders quotes or tender prices using our volume buying negotiation power with any builders they choose, after all they only have one job to offer a builder. We have a 100% Guarantee that no one can obtain a building price from top quality builders better than Build Savers.

6 – Important: While some land purchasers say they already have a builder lined up, Build Savers have saved many of these consumers under their own best obtained builders quotes and tenders. EG: $104,000 on a $689,000 build and $245,000 on a $1.2M build.

7 – Why would any Real Estate Agent not want their land purchaser to save when building with several quality custom builders and have a great building and build saving experience. They would refer you to family and friends for your fantastic recommendation.

8 – REAL ESTATE AGENTS CAN EARN EXTRA LEGAL INCOME ON ALL YOUR LAND LISTINGS: Our service enables agents to earn an extra $50,000 to $100,000 plus per year in legal success fees at NO COST to your vendors. NOTE: We pay a legal up to $15,000 payment to any real estate agent on each block as we DISCLOSE to all our/your clients that we receive a success payment from any builder we recommend should they build with them at a better price than any builders quote or tender price they receive. If you do not want that legal payment we can pay that to any charity you or your agency states within 14 days when roof works commences on site and an email payment receipt confirmation will be sent to you by your nominated charity.

9 – Build Savers don’t stop and stay on board. When any client proceeds to build with a builder we approve Build Savers stays on board all the way through construction until completion. If they have any under construction quality or customer service issues they can contact us 7 days 8am to 8pm for total peace of mind.

10 – Real Estate Agents and their sales staff might not know that consumer complaints against builders in Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading is the largest complaint area Australia wide and hence why we exist. While we know your job is to sell your vendors land we ask your support and know you would like your land purchaser to have a great building experience using our Consumer Protection Building Service.


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Breaking News

Save Up To 20% When Building In Australia

I was recommended to builders but when i approached Build Savers who saved me $245,000 – 20% Under My Best Architects

& Project Managers Best Tender Price on a $1.2M Build with a top quality builder was not impressed with those people who made recommendations to me of builders who were so much more expensive then the Build Savers top quality approved builder.

Sign Installation, Build Savers will pay for all costs associated with the provided sign, including supplying, installing and removing the sign. The sign will be removed when requested by the Land Agent, Land Owner or when the land has been sold.

The standard sign (900W x 1200H) and will be placed on site as per the Land Agent or Land Owners instructions. To view sign download brochure below.


First We Need The Land Owners Approval!

If your a real estate agent or land agent, we need the land owner/s approval before we can start.

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