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Save Up To 20% When Building In Australia

I Saved $245,000 – 20% Under My Best Architects

& Project Managers Best Tender Price

Helping Consumers Obtain Better Build Prices Then What They Can Get On Their Own By Using Our Volume Negotiating Power.

Most consumers make the huge mistake of going to a builder and selecting one of their plans or have the builder draw your plans. The builder then owns the © Copyright of the building plans which blocks you from obtaining a quote from other builders. No competition means a higher build price. The same mistake happens when you do a design and construct process with one builder

The secret is for you to own the © Copyright of your building plans. Build Savers have made this process simple and easy. We will arrange to have your plans drawn FREE yes FREE of charge by an architect or building designer and you will own the © Copyright.

When your plans are drawn you can go to many builders and get competitive quotes and tenders. At the same time Build Savers will obtain building quotes also from quality builders you approve and using our volume negotiating power can deliver building prices up to 20% under any building quotes you obtain on your own. Click on What We Do above to read more.


Let us draw your building design plans for FREE or if you have your plans already drawn © Copyright owned by you then email them so we can get underway.

We can also help you select vacant land if required. We hand pick some of the best quality vacant blocks with a network of real estate agents in every suburb for our clients and property investors. If your a real estate agent wanting your land sold, contact us today.