Do You Have Land For Sale?

Do You Have Land For Sale?

We help real estate agents sell their land. Build Savers directs our consumers and investors from various networks we have established who are looking to build on carefully selected blocks we approve. Some consumers are local and others are in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. We generally only want 2 to 3 blocks per suburb that we promote. On large land releases we will only select 2 to 3 blocks that we will target with our clients. The reason we only target 2 to 3 is to reduce confusion with a buyer who may be over whelmed with having to choose from 100’s. In Perth there are well over 2000 vacant blocks and our approach works very well.

Build Savers is not a builder and definitely not a building broker. We run a consumer protection service to protect consumers and property investors making sure they are receiving an accurate building quote from builders. Build Savers can approach any builders and quality builders who deliver on quality build and top level customer service is paramount.

A consumer may obtain many builders quotes and we provide a very accurate detailed quote showing the consumer the difference between their quotes on a detailed comparison report. The consumer can then make an educated informed decision on which builder they engage with and because Build Savers can negotiate with any builder using our volume of work helps us achieve building prices well under the consumer who only has the one job. If the consumer signs with a Build Savers recommended builder that builder pays us a success fee and the consumer is made aware upfront that we get paid a success fee.

We have approached you on a block you have and would like to assist you with bringing buyers to you who could build on that site. We understand you need obtain your vendors approval to have our sign installed but at this point we only need to have your approval as the agent. On your approval we will

1 – Check the block to see if it fits our approval to be a selected block

2 – Once approved we will notify you and ask if you can get final approval from your vendor.

3 – If you do have other blocks in the same suburb or other suburbs we would be interested in looking at those also.

4 – After viewing the 2 PDF documents please complete the form below with the block/s detail/s below. We will then come back to you with our approval and will then wait for your vendors approval before proceeding with installing our sign. RE Signs. Our quality made signs (900mmW x 1200mmH) will be installed 600mm behind your sign and to the right hand side otherwise as per your instructions. The sign will be removed when the land is sold or you may request its removal at any time which will happen within 3 business days.

Once our sign has been installed a photo is taken and that will be sent to our network.

5 – NOTE: There is absolutely no costs to your agency or your vendor. We do not want any referral payment in our efforts to help you sell the land.

6 – Should we be successful in getting a consumer who buys the land and builds with one of our recommended builders we can pay you a legal referral payment if you wish. Based on build cost – Up to $500,000 = $2500. $500,000 to $1M = $5000 and jobs over $1M = $10,000. While some agents do not want any referral payment we have found that when paying a referral payment definitely generates more block referrals back to us.