Single & Double Storey Homes

Custom Designs

The very first thing we advise you do is to engage an independent building designer or architect to draw your plans.

From time to time we offer a FREE building design service and contact us to see if we are offering that free service.

Independently owning the (C) Copyright to your plans could save you tens of thousands of dollars!

We can recommend quality architects, building designers, project managers who will complete your plans where you will own the (C) Copyright.

When you select a builders standard plan or they draw your plans for free, the builder will own the (C) Copyright. No other builder can then quote on these plans and the builders profit margins could be increased due to zero competition.

The next stage is choosing a quality builder. We pull apart each builders quote ensuring they are accurate and no hidden costs and variations are missed.

 We then negotiate with quality builders you approve and using our monthly job volume to ensure you get the best building price possible. Simply compare your own builders quotes or tenders against the Build Savers price.

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